to look or stare

する(ちらみする) To shyly glance at and then quickly look away. Usually over and over.
(じっとみる) Standing close and giving a long, unmoving stare. Not always hostile. If you see something 面白い or you’re hypnotized by the TV, you’re じっと見る, But if you’re scrutinizing your friend’s face to see if they are lying, that’s also じっと見る.
にらむ The stare you use to provoke someone. “You lookin’ at me?”
つめる(みつめる) Like にらむ, みつめる is also a kind of rude, open stare, but 見つめる is more fascinated and curious than openly hostile.
める(ながめる) To gaze quietly at something for a long time while lost in thought.