timidly, reluctantly

のろのろ Too slow – like the people driving in front of you.
だらだら (literally, the sound of dripping) – people who work at a slow pace, deliberately going slow out of laziness, giving you just a dribble of effort.
ためらう To be hesitant, to have second thoughts ためらいもなくxxx (I will do xxx without hesitation!)
しぶしぶ Reluctantly
おずおず Timidly, apprehensively. Usually we’d use おそるおそる instead. If おずおず is used at all, it’s used by a parent scolding a scaredy-cat kid:おずおずするな!早くゴキブリを取れ!
おそるおそる Timidly, apprehensively. (The bird approached my hand with the birdseed in my palm.)