(xxxしかた) See やり方
(xxxやりかた) This is the most commonly used word for “way to do” – but it’s SO common it’s not really equivalent to the English “technique.” You’d have a technique for enriching uranium or breathing fire. You’d have a し方 for using a spoon or folding bedsheets.   $$$
(ぎじゅつ) Technique – used mostly with industry or artisans.   $$$
(わざ) Technique – originally used with martial arts.
(しゅほう) A method (better yet, a process!) – usually used with arts, theaters, photography. Like a method for etching or lithography which uses certain acids and chemicals. As opposed to the actual skill of doing a nice drawing on the lithograph itself.
(しゅだん) A means or way to do something. More technical sounding than simply 方法(ほうほう). If you want to announce to the world a new way of doing something (studying Japanese, for instance), you’d use 手段.