small or trifling

ささやか This is only used in the phrase “ささやか な 贈り物ですが、受けとて下さい。”(ささやか な おくりもの ですが うけとて ください。) = This is a rather humble, poor gift, but please accept it nonetheless. It’s what you say when you’re giving a gift to someone.
さい(チいさい)  physically small.
(ささい) Small, in the sense of petty or trifling, insignificant. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t bother me with such trivial complaints. Here’s a good phrase to learn:“些細な事に気を使うな!” (ささいなことにきをつかうな)= Don’t worry about such trivial things!
わずかな わずかの:insignificant. Also, barely. The chances of  surviving this surgery are insignificant. Or trifling:I have a scant 34 cents to my name. Don’t waste my time with such insignificant nonsense.