(そんけい) Of course you’ll usually see this in the context of 尊敬語 (formal Japanese). But it can also mean to respect someone. But you wouldn’t use 尊敬する about a friend, even if you really like them. You’d use 尊敬する about famous people:Gandhi, Stalin, or whoever. Marie Curie. ZZZ
(おがむ) Literally, to bend your knees in prayer. Sometimes used to mean: pay respects:to a dead person. Pray at their grave. But usually it means, to bend down and pray to a religious idol or graven image.  拝む also means “to contemplate”, like a stalker his idol of choice, his face like he’s looking at God himself
(すうはい) Religious worship:basically the same as 拝む、 but without the dead person/ stalker options. (sorry!).
(あこがれ) My dictionary says this means “long for” or “have a teenybopper-like fixation on,” but my friend says this is the closest thing to the English phrase, “I really look up to so-and-so.” To be safe, though, you can say, so-and-so is スゴイいい人!