accusation or lawsuit

うったえる To accuse – can be used both in a legal sense, and in a more everyday sense of ‘Billy accused Mary of stealing the last piece of porn.’
(そしょう) Lawsuit (訴訟を持ち込む = to be involved in a lawsuit)
(うったえ) The noun form of うったえる。 It also means lawsuit.  Basically the same meaning as 訴訟, but you never say 訴訟する。 You DO, however say, うったえする。
める(せめる) To denounce or blame someone.
(こくそ) An accusation, a charge. involves going to the police to formally file charges. Usually used with criminal charges but can be used with civil suits as well.
クレイム To complain to the management of a store. Usually クレイム is something like, “I bought these socks but there was a centipede inside them! I want a refund!” or “The portions of cheesecake are too small! What happened to the portions?!?”