pressure, accelerate

(うながす) To press or encourage someone to do something. Could be good, as in “Get up and dance! It’s a party! Have some fun!” or bad, as in, “Work faster! If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean!”   $$$
(そくしん) To facilitate or give an incentive to. “The team-study groups are designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas.”
(さいそく) To repeat and repeat a demand for money. Can be used about corporations (This is your 3d notice of overdue library book) or between friends, (‘I keep asking you to repay that $5 I lent you’)
(しょうれい) To cheer someone on, to encourage them through praise.
づける(ゆうきづける) To encourage someone who is afraid.
(せまる) To urge someone in a coercive or threatening manner. To peer-pressure. Also you can say that something is pressing on you, like a deadline.