precise,  strict,

(きちょうめんな) A meticulous person, someone who keeps all their pencils lined up parallel. Usually has a good meaning. If you want to put someone down for being anal retentive you say 几帳面すぎる.   $$$PPP
(げんみつ) Strict or rigid. Not used to describe people. A strict examination. Rigid standards of ethical conduct. Rigorous testing.   SITU
(げんかく) A person who is very strict and tight-assed, a real puritan. Can also describe systems:Saudi Arabia is a strict Muslim country. She’s a strict vegetarian... kind of like 厳しい but used outside of school, and generally relating to someone who is a tight-ass jerk BECAUSE they adhere to some extreme moral code.   PPP
(せいかく) Precise. Used about machines.   $$$TTT
(せいかく) Accurate.
(せいこう) Is precise as usually used for fine machinery (like the brand name Seiko). How is this different from 正確 ???
(げんじゅう) Strict or severe – but unlike 厳しい, 厳重 refers to a one-time event or situation - they had strict security in Tokyo for Obama’s visit. The boss gave the fuck-up a severe warning.   SITU
きちんと A more conversational version of 明確に.
(めいかくに) Usually used in orders or commands:do it precisely! Do it neatly, with attention to detail! In fact, 明確に and きちんと are more like ちゃんと than 正確. If you tell your student, 文字をきちんと書いてください、you mean, ‘Write the letters neatly and don’t make any mistakes in your stroke order.” If you tell them, 文書を明確に書いてください! You mean, “Write your answers in complete sentences, and don’t make any grammar mistakes.”