point of view

(たちば) Literally, “from where someone is standing.” Usually used like, “If you look at it from her point of view...”
(みかた) Literally, “a way of looking at things.” Pretty much the same as 立場、 but 見方 seems to mostly be used in metaphors or explanations, whereas 立場 is more used in arguments, with a sort of right/wrong angle to it.
(みかた) That’s right. . . not only are they synonyms but they’re also SPELLED THE SAME. THIS particular みかた means, to support or be on the side of someone. Closer to 応援 than to the FIRST みかた。
(せかいかん) One’s value system. This is the one you’d use about politics.
ればxxx(かれにしてみればxxx)   If you pretend you’re him for a second, xxx