pathos, misery, pitifulness

かわいいそうな Poor you. Poor him. Often used sarcastically if not with a sneer of outright cruelty. I guess its appeal is the ambiguity – you can’t prove the cruelty.   $$$
れな(あわれな) You poor bastard! God help you. Utterly fucked, pathetic, but you honestly feel bad for them, rather than just looking down on them.
めな(みじめな) Pathetic. This is a pretty un-sympathetic word you use for some poor schmuck who is in a wretched state but, you know, you couldn’t imagine them ever being happy anyway.
(あいしゅう) A poetic, old-fashioned word for sorrow or melancholy or, um, pathos.
(こころぼそい) Forlorn, having given up hope. Also strongly implies alone or helpless. A puppy in the rain with big eyes staring at you.
(ひさんな) Terrible, harrowing, tragic. Usually used not about a single person’s misfortune but like the tragic cost of war, the terrible catastrophe that befell the small town in Godzilla’s path, etc.