many kinds, diverse

々な(さまさまな) Very close to 色々 but 様々 more means like “all kinds”.
々な(いろいろな) Very close to さまざま, but 色々 more means like “many kinds.”
々の(もろもろの) Unlike the related terms 色んな and 様々な, 諸々 implies all DIFFERENT kinds of things from different categories:all the various costs of doing business (insurance and bribery and electrical bills, etc.), the various things that could go wrong with your plan, the various amenities of your penthouse suite.
々の(おのおのの) Each thing in its own way. 各々考え方が違います。 (everyone thinks in their own way/ everyone has their own opinion).
(たような) Diverse (diversity: 多様性)