ask question

(きく) Use THIS to say to your friends, “We’re lost! Can’t you ask that old man for directions?” or, “Can I ask you something?”
ねる(たずねる) Use THIS if you want to ask a question to a store clerk or hospital nurse. 尋ねたいコトがあるんですけどう.
(とう) To formally ask a question where the wrong answer spells trouble:the teacher asks the student a question. The police questioned the suspect.  The situation calls his authority into question.
する(しつもんする) Like 問う, 質問 is used in a structured situation, like a classroom. 質問 has the feeling of a complicated question, that requires a long answer. You wouldn’t use this in a casual conversation with your friend.
(うかがう) The most formal way to say ‘question.’
The two most common ways to say “ask” are 聞く(きく)and たずねる (尋ねる) . For instance if you phone a business to ask when they’re open, it’s polite to say 聞きたいことがあるんですけど. Or, 尋ねたいことがあるんですけど. Both words have the feeling of a casual question that can be answered with a word or two. They’re 80% the same, but there are some small differences.