judge someone

(へんけん) A really strong, intentional prejudice. Not only do I not like your kind, but I know a lot of stereotypes about you.   PPP
(はんだん) To judge someone casually, like as you walk down the street and see a raver and think, “Stupid raver!” If you want to say, “I hate it when people judge me!” you’d use 判断 and not 偏見.   SITU
(せんにゅかん) A preconception. As opposed to the strong, intentional prejudice of 偏見, 先入観 is a weak, ignorance-based prejudice.   PPP
(はんけつ) The official decision of a judge at a trial.
(さばく) Combines the meanings of ‘judge legally’ and ‘punish’ or ‘mete out justice to’. You wouldn’t use this about judging a pie-eating contest, but about a war-crimes tribunal or a lawsuit.   PPP
(しんさ) This is the one you’d use about a pie-eating contest. “The judges on American Idol.” As opposed to Supreme Court judges. 審査 can also be used for any exam, like when you get your car smogged, or when the meat inspector comes to your butcher shop.   PPP