hinder, obstruct, put a stop to.

(はばむ) To stop the advance of something by physically obstructing it:The defensive lineman stopped the other team’s football guy. The army checked the advance of the other army. Our vacation was stopped by the hurricane.
する(そし) To put a stop to something:cops put a stop to drug-dealing near the school. The bad senator stopped the reform bill in committee.
(さわる) Not often used. Hinder – but could also be translated as ‘take a toll on’, as in, “The problems at work hindered his sleep.” ‘The excessive drinking took a toll on her health.’
(ふせぐ) A more positive word. To hinder in the sense of ‘guard against':anti-crime cameras, anti-theft devices, and such all use this kanji.
げる(さまたげる) Also means to hamper, but it carries the nuance of ‘interrupt’ or ‘disrupt’, like ‘The guys at the next table are hampering our conversation,’ or ‘The corporate extortionist kept interrupting the shareholders’ meeting.’