(とうし) Fightin’ spirit, pluck, moxie, NUTZ.
(こんじょう) A much more specific term than 闘志。 こんじょう means “to push yourself to the physical and mental limits of endurance.” It’s usually used during training – for the army, sports, martial arts, etc. Also used when you burn your arms with cigarettes to show people how tough you are. こんじょうがない! (I give up! I can’t take the training any more!)   $$$
(いじ) This is difficult because there IS no English equivalent. 意地 is less positive, less flattering than 勇気 or 根性。 意地 is more like, determination WHICH COMES FROM SELFISH PRIDE. Like she wants to win the gold medal – but not for the glory of Japan, but only to compensate for her own humiliating defeat last year. However selfish the motivation, though, 意地 does have some positive effects:someone who won’t back down, who stays the course.