examination or investigation

調べる(しらべる) A casual word for investigate, or find out about. To look up in a dictionary, to check tomorrow’s weather report. To find out about the blood type of your favorite singer.   $$$
(けんさ) Medical checkup, or police investigation, or inspection:(financial audit, smog check, check the condition of goods that roll off the assembly line, etc). Has the nuance of a test where something passes or fails.
調(ちょうさ) An investigation. (unlike 検査、調査emphasizes that there are no correct answers, and implies that the investigators are talking to someone, asking questions directly). 調査 is usually used about polls, surveys, and detectives questioning suspects and/or witnesses.
(けんとう) A review or inquest (unlike 検査、 検討 means that a panel of experts are discussing the matter among themselves, rather than a superior person interrogating an inferior person).
(しんだん) Medical diagnosis (not exam!)
(さてい) A totally useless word for ‘assess.’
(けんさく) Internet search