(あなどる) Very close to 見下す(みくだす):to hold in contempt. Usually used when you’re talking about someone, not when talking TO them. It sounds odd to tell someone to their face, “I 侮る you”  – even if they are an asshole.
がる(いやがる) To hate something  (going to school, listening to your bullshit, etc.) (as opposed to 侮る, which is used about people). Usually used when telling an anecdote, something that happened yesterday involving a third party. You’d never use 嫌がる to say “I hate your cooking!”
しみ(にくしみ) To hate. Not like “I hate sports” or “I hate the Insane Clown Posse,” but like “I hate Hitler and female genital mutilation.”
らしい(にくらしい) Hateful, just odious, terribly immoral.
しめる(いやしめる) Similar to the word 憎らしい(にくらしい):to hate something because it’s utterly fucked:terrorist bombings or child molestation.
いやしむべき The adjective form.ZZZ
(いみきらう) To abhor someone for superstitious reasons, to abhor them because they are taboo. “Let’s not invite him because he brings bad luck.” “He has AIDS, we better ostracize him.”
忌まわしい(いまわしい) The adjective form of 忌み嫌う.
しむ(いやしむ) An archaic, literary word. Means an action (genital mutilation, human sacrifice, etc.) which is an offense against God.