connected or entangled

(からむ) (VT) to get entangled in (BOTH lit. and fig.) (he got mixed up in his father’s gambling debts) (get entangled in a conversation with a drunk and you can’t get away).
まる(からまる) (VI) something gets entangled (unlike 絡む、 絡まる is never used with crime).
わる(かかわる) (VI) to be involved with, to get caught up in (a crime but also good things like involved in research or involved in business)  If you want to tell your son not to be involved with guys like Jimmy, use this one.
わる(たずさわる) To be mixed up in something, to participate or be concerned with something.. (in the internet business/ a job with computers/ involved in a hijacking incident)
(まきつく) Entangled, but only used literally (entangled in string).