composition, organization, structure

(こうせい) Organization (usually used about the family unit), but also can be used about things. Composition – Often used like xxxxで構成されてる。 (composed of xxx) For example:the beauty contest committee is composed of one fashion designer, two lawyers, three hairdressers, and four ex-cons.
(こうぞう) Physical structure:house or beehive.
(そせい) Only used in chemistry, not about people or in business.
ってる(xxxからなりたってる) Composed of. The USA is composed of 50 states. The mormon family is composed of one man and 12 wives.
(せいりつ) To be organized or set-up in such-and-such a fashion. Emphasizes not just the structure (like 成り立ってる) but also the act of founding or instituting something.