(ぬの) Made from cloth (i.e. cloth bag as opposed to vinyl or leather bag)
(ころも) Clothes, usually robes. Also, figuratively, to clothe something:the hills were clothed in green plants. The tempura shrimp coated in deep-fried batter.
(いしょう) Costume.
(せいふく) Uniform.   $$$
(ふくそう) Style of dress. Usually used with an adjective: dressed well, dressed poorly, dressed like a slut.
(いふく) Apparel. Kind of an clothing-industry word.
(いしょう) Sometimes translated as ‘costume,’ but that’s wrong! 衣装 is like native garb that one would see at a festival. Or a Lady Gaga show where she did like 6 costume changes in 1 hour. Or at a wedding when the bride has to wear her Japanese costume and then change into her Western costume for the after-party. 衣装 is NOT used about cosplay.