cheer up

ける(ゆうきづける) To encourage someone. Basically the same as in English – although 勇気付ける does NOT have the nuance of “pressure” that “encourage” has. Like, if a father “encourages” his son to become a lawyer instead of a jockey, you wouldn’t use 勇気付ける。
ます(はげます) To cheer someone up.   $$$
させる(げんきをださせる) Literally, ‘to make good cheer come out of someone.’  Basically the same as 励ます、 but if you’re cheering up someone who is listless (physically or mentally), who doesn’t want to leave the house or do anything, you’d be more likely to use 元気を出させる。
める(なぐさめる) To console someone – not used so much about people who are depressed or hate life in general, more about someone who lost a game or a contest.