admonish /warning

(ちゅうい) The most general word. “Be careful, mind your step.” “Look out for falling rocks.”   $$$
める(せめる) To blame someone for a problem. To accuse someone of wrongdoing.
(けいこく) Upper-to-lower-person warning, usually applies to signs like “no trespassing!”
(ちゅうこく) Admonishing negative advice:“Don’t open that door!” “Don’t swim naked!”
(じょげん) Advice in general – peer to peer. If you actually are asking for advice, this is the word to use.
(けいかい) To be on high alert – police or security. Describes a tense but temporary situation.
(さとす) NOT VERY USEFUL. Means to gently advise or guide someone. Not a scolding, but it has the connotation of parent-to-child.
げる(つげる) To tell someone something heavy:You have cancer. You are pregnant.
窘める(たしなめる) Rebuke  someone. Not like a warning or a command. Something you’d say to an equal:calm down! Don’t get so mad. Don’t be so mean to the kid-  he’s only 2 years old.