(あつかう) Treatment – usually applied to people, but originally used for objects, so it ‘s a little rude. Usually used like あつかいがいい or あつかいがわるい. Can mean ‘treatment of others’ but, confusingly, can ALSO mean ‘easy or hard for ME to DEAL WITH HIM/HER.’ For example, 彼は扱いが難しい does NOT mean ‘he treats me difficultly’, it means ‘He’s difficult to deal with.’
(とりあつかい) Treatment – but unlike 扱う, 取り扱う is ONLY used for objects or cases. i.e. The police are handling the racial hate-crime very carefully.   TTT
(しうち) Terrible, unfair treatment. As in, “Is this how you repay me?” Or, “I’ll pay you back for this! “