systematic, methodical

(けいとう) A system or process that acts like a chain:a supply chain of an army; the chain of events that leads fuel from the fuel tank to the pistons, or a person’s lineage.   TTT
てきに(たいけいてきに) Doing something systematically – going point by point. For instance, learning medicine organ-by-organ, or getting revenge on your ex by going to all your mutual friends one by one and trashing your ex.
える(しんちょうにかんがえる) Someone who is very slow and careful but thorough in their working style.
(しりょうぶかい) Someone who is prudent, thoughtful, sensible, who exercises discretion.
(すうりょうか) To quantify. To turn everything into a number, so as to put it into your system. Like in RPGs where things like strength, intelligence, and life, etc. are turned into numbers.