society, the world

(せかい) 2 meanings. 1) the world, as in “biggest in the world!” “fastest in the world!” 2) “the world of politics”, “the show-biz world”, etc.   $$$
(よのなか) The social, everyday world – more poetic than 世界。 Used in dramatic declarations like, “I’m sick of this fuckin’ world!” “I don’t care about this life!” “Poor Kurt Cobain, he was just too sensitive for this cruel world!” Also, usually implies JUST Japanese society.   $$$
(せけん) The world- metaphorically. Usually used by older Japanese, as in, “Excuse my son, he doesn’t know how the world works.” “You young people don’t understand the world!” “Money makes the world go round.”
(しゃかい) Society
(ちきゅう) The literal planet Earth. Not figurative.