みな(たくみな) Smooth, slick, and usually bad or cunning in some way:a clever ad slogan, slick flattery, adroit political manipulation.
(たくみに) Physical OR mental finesse:a PR man finesses a hard question with a bullshit answer so slick that the reporters don’t realize they got hoodwinked. A boxer with fancy footwork. Also, to do something deftly (a movie deftly interweaves 3 stories:a teenager deftly juggles church life and gang membership, etc.)
(きような) Adroit, dexterous.  This is more positive than 巧み. 器用な means someone like a kung-fu fighter that can jump around and not get kicked, or a pianist who plays hella difficult pieces without any fucked notes. There is also an implication that the person can improvise!   $$$
(こうみょうな) Used about speaking – the way a hustler or a grifter talks. Slick talking.
(すばやい) Physical speed or agility. Without the emphasis on technique or skill found in 巧み or 器用. 素早い is a fast bird or lizard. Doing a simple task very fast at the office.   $$$
(きびん) Agile or quick movement. OR quick-witted. Someone who always has a come-back.
(しゅんびんな) Agile, quick-witted. Very similar to 機敏、but with the added implication of adaptable. Something that can adapt to changes in the environment.