(こわす) To break something, but not necessarily shatter it.   $$$
れる(こわれる) Something doesn’t work anymore:your TV, your PSP, your dishwasher. Call the repair-person!   TTT
(くだく) To pulverize. Construction workers smash the sidewalk concrete to dust. The mill turns wheat into flour. Unlike 割る、 砕く tends to take a certain amount of time and repeated smashings.   TTT
(はかい) A noun. Destruction. Usually used about bombs, or ‘President Bush destroyed the economy,’... pretty much the same circumstances you’d use the English word.   TTTSITU
ぼす(ほろぼす) To annihilate – usually used about an enemy in wartime, or destroy the earth, or wipe Al Queda out. Not used about a single person usually.   TTT
つぶす To flatten. Mash potatoes. The bulldozer flattened the kitten.   TTT
(ぼくめつ) Eradicate (a pest or disease) ‘The new task force will eradicate drugs once and for all!’   SITU
(やぶる) Tear up – a piece of paper. Also when you break a rule or a promise, that’s やぶる。
(わる) To shatter, like a mirror. Also, to divide something in two.
(さく) To set aside part of a budget, or to allocate some time for a project.
(さく) To pick apart something strand by strand – string cheese, cloth, etc. (why they have a word specifically for this is beyond me). also, to break people apart, like Romeo and Juliet.