sequences, ranking

(だい) Ranking by sequence. For example, 第二巻 means “second book in the series.”  Also, 第 二 can refer to the #2 person in an organization.
() Ranking by preference:like in a race, the silver medal – the #2 spot, is 2位. Unlike 第一,第二,位 is a temporary ranking, and implies a judgment of performance.
(せいせき) Ranking of results(i.e., the results of a test, a competition, or when a hostess bar posts the framed pictures of their #1,2,and 3 earners outside the club on the marquee).
(じょれつ) One’s ranking in the pecking order. More limited than 位. 序列 is limited to, say, organization hierarchy or social stratification.
(せいせき) One’s marks in school.