rice or food

(こめ) Raw, uncooked rice. The kind you buy in bulk.
(ごはん) Cooked rice, but also food in general; “ご飯食べたい?” = “Do you want to eat?”  晩ご飯=dinner, etc.   $$$
(たべもの) Literally ‘edible things.’ Used in only two situations - I’m hungry! You got something to eat around here? おなかが空いた!なんか食べ物ある? and, Lions hunt their own food. ライオンが自分で食べ物を狩る。
(りょうり) Two meanings. 1) cooking, as in, “My hobby is cooking.” Or  “I’m cooking right now, I can’t talk.” 2:) cuisine, as in, “My favorite cuisine is Mexican. My favorite cuisine is Indonesian.” You don’t say, though, “I’m going to buy some 料理.” Or “I’m eating 料理 right now, I’ll call you back.”