(てはい) Something that an upper person – the boss – would say to her personal assistant or secretary:make arrangements for me to fly to London this weekend. The dude from  the IRS will be visiting us on Thursday, so arrange a place to stay for him.
(ようい) Get ready – basically it means the same as 準備, but the nuance is a bit more abstract. If you’re getting prepared mentally, that’s 用意. If you’re arranging stuff over the phone, use 用意. The ‘Get set!’ in ‘Get ready! Get set! Go!’ is 用意.
(じゅんび) To get ready (to go to school, to go on vacation, to go camping):to gather some physical things.   $$$
える(そなえる) Prepare, in the sense of set some shit aside for an emergency. (for instance, by saving money for a rainy day, or by stocking the basement with canned food for when the Apocalypse comes). Also, samurai might say, “Get ready to fight me!”「備えろ」
xxxしておく To arrange something in advance (‘Come over at 8, I’ll have the beer chilled and ready.’ ‘I’ll have the apartment cleaned and ready for our communist meeting.’)   $$$
(かくご) Mentally prepare yourself. To be determined to do it, even though you might die.
える(かまえる) Literally means, get ready to fight a samurai! Some guy ambushes him and he has to get ready right away, assume a fighting stance. but nowadays, usually used in the negative:構えなくてもいい:don’t be so nervous. relax. ???