(きんし) Forbidden. Usually seen on signs: ‘IT IS FORBIDDEN TO WALK ON THE GRASS’;  ‘IT IS FORBIDDEN TO PARK HERE.’   $$$
(はいし) To legally abolish a whole category of things:slavery, alcohol, heroin.
(はっきん) To ban a specific thing: a book, a song. Unlike 廃止, the rest of the books or songs are still legal.   NP
(はいき) 1) to dispose or discard something (usually garbage, toxic waste) 2) to abandon something – a peace treaty. As a prefix, it means waste: waste-water, waste-electronics, etc.
(くちく) To force someone or something out. Microsoft forced Joey-Bob’s Computin’ Shack out of the market. Also used in wars:The Americans forced the Russians out of West Germany.   NP
(ついほう) To deport someone.