つねる To pinch.   $$$
ピンチ Oddly, this only refers to being ‘in a pinch’ – being in a tight spot, being in trouble, rock and a hard place, etc.
(はさむ) To crush between two things – as in, slam your finger in the car door. (also, to tuck in between 2 things, as in place a bookmark in the book, or wedge the phone between your shoulder and chin)
(ぬく) Pluck – flower or hair. To pluck a needle out of your palm. To uncork a bottle.
(とりだす) Take out, extract. Like 抜く but whereas 抜く applies only to sharp things, 取り出す applies to regular, non-painful objects. For instance,  take a notebook out of the bag. That’d be 取り出す。
(つむ) To prune. A gardener prunes the bushes. To nip in the bud. figuratively, to stunt someone’s spirit is:才能を摘む。 To stunt the emotional growth of your kids. ??? need example.