(とおる) To go past (as opposed to go across). Used when giving directions:‘Go past the 7-11 and then turn right’ Use this one for tunnels!   $$$PPP
ぎる(とおりすぎる) To go too far, to go past your destination.
(とおす) I walk past the kennel
(わたる) To cross, to go across. (a bridge, a dangerous river, a big intersection) but not mountain! that’s 超える (to go over)!   $$$
ぎる(すぎる) To go past something. ‘カナガワも過ぎた?’ (Did we go past Kanagawa already? on the train) but unlike 通る, 過ぎる can be used with time. 過ぎる also has a much more broad meaning:to go to far FIGURATIVELY – take a joke too far.
(よこぎる) Pass through. Usually used like this:to cross the street. to traverse the mountains.
える(のりかえる) To overcome a problem (usually inside yourself – such as a spiritual crisis, a lack of self-confidence, writers’ block, or a ‘slump.’)   PPP
(こくふく) Overcome an external problem (hostage situation, tax hikes, snitch talking to the police) is solved or taken care of.     $$$PPP
える(こえる) Physically pass, go over... the mountain. from California, go past Oregon to get to Washington state.
える(こえる) Surpass, (a record, or a competitor).