partition, separate

へだてる To partition, to separate:separate the class into “gifted” and “not gifted” students. Partition the room using folding screens. Divide the property between people. 5mずつ隔てて:every five feet (there’s a pillar or fencepost).   $$$
(ぶんり) The dictionary says “separation, ” as in separation of church and state, or “the river separates the two countries.” Politically it means to segregate people, like in the American South, or what Japan does to Burakumin.
(かくり) A somewhat more forceful version of 分離. 隔離 means to quarantine people because of disease – or 隔離背策 (かくりせさく) which is, an official policy to keep people in concentration camps, like USA did to Japanese-Americans during the war, or like Israel is doing in Palestine.
(けんえき) Also means, to quarantine