める(せめる) Attack – specifically, something which has been planned in advance. Not a bar-room brawl. You could use it about an army attack, but also about a fencer or kung-fu-er who deliberately chooses a certain attack-style to defeat her opponent.   $$$
(こうげき) A massive, military-style, planned attack.
(かっせん) A battle. NEVER uses “Suru”. Only ever a noun.
(おそう) An unplanned, not-necessarily-lethal attack: a drunk, or a wild animal 襲うs. .   $$$
(うつ) An archaic word for a revenge-killing.
する(しゅうげき) A raid. Like an assault done by a team of people, not just one mean guy. Usually used about the SWAT team raiding a house. But a gang can raid another gang.