manage, dispose of

する(けいえいする) To manage a business.   $$$
(いとなむ) To manage a business. Usually used by older people. A more casual word than 経営.
(かんり) Management or administration. Not like you run your own business (that’d be 経営する), but like you are the manager of a department of a larger business.
(しょり) To take care of a problem. To resolve a complaint. Unlike 経営 or 営む, 処理 is not a full-time job; more like something you do when an emergency happens.
(しょち) Temporary, provisional management of a problem, until a lasting solution can be found:usually medical (i.e. stabilize the patient), but sometimes used about jury-rigging a machine.
(しょぶん) Dispose of big, more-than-your-kitchen-garbage-can-type waste. Toxic waste. Giant dumpsters at a sports stadium. Old TV sets.