lean or incline

(かたむく) To lean, as in “Leaning Tower of Pizza,” but also to lean ON, as in, “The drunk leaned on the wall for support.” Can be used literally OR figuratively.
(かたよる) Figuratively, to be biased. Literally, to have an asymmetrical distribution of objects. For example, “There are crows in every prefecture, but there is a much higher distribution of them in Aichi prefecture.” Or, aesthetically speaking, “I put all the chairs on the left side of the room to make it かたよる.”
(けいこう) A general tendency or trend (not one specific person, and not with any intention) (i.e. people who watch 8 hours of TV a day tend to drool) 傾向 is NOT a fashion trend – that’s 流行.   $$$