hustle and bustle

にぎやか A place which is lively and full of people. Positive meaning.   $$$
(おおさわぎ) Literally, “big commotion,” but it emphasizes the hustle-and-bustle of activity, many people running here and there doing work or errands, like a hive of busy bees. This has a good meaning, in contrast to, say 喧騒 or 騒音.
(けんそう) A more literary word  for the noise and – more importantly – the enervating, Babel-like atmosphere- of the big city. Written rather than spoken. WWW   SITU
やかましい Noisy person OR place. Usually used by itself as a swear. When you are stuck in a really noisy place, or need  a retort to someone who won’t shut up!    PPPSITU