gratitude, obligation

(かんしゃ) General gratitude.   $$$
(おん) Gratitude. Unlike the related words 恩恵 and 義理, 恩 means that you really WANT to do something nice, to give back to the person you’re grateful to. Also, unlike  義理、恩 doesn’t imply that you owe them a specific favor. Often, 恩 is used like, “Everyone else gave up on me, told me I was a juvenile delinquent, that I’d amount to nothing. That teacher was the only one who believed in me, who kept encouraging me no matter how many times I fucked up. とても恩がある。”
(おんけい) Unlike the very personal “恩”, 恩恵 is a more businesslike form of gratitude:恩恵を受ける literally means ‘I received a favor’ but in practice, it’s used more like, ‘I owe you one!’ 恩恵 has a sort of I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine practicality.
(ぎり) A sort of every-day obligation:You went to my concert, so now I have to go to your concert, even though your band sucks. I want to see your band, but I can’t because my boss is making us all go drinking with him. Put another way, if someone does you a 恩恵, then you owe them some 義理。
(ぎむ) An obligation to society – like voting, paying taxes, going to school, or in some cases, the army.