get indignant

ムッと Informal word. To get indignant. Like if you meet a lady and say, “Hi! Is that a wig? How old are you? 54? Or more?” ムっと means you just make a brief face but usually keep your anger inside after that. This is one of these words you’d use when telling the story later. If someone’s a dick to you, you don’t reply to them, むっと!
(いかる) A slightly more formal version of  おこる. You’d おこる if you dropped a hammer on your foot, but you’d いかる about politics or matters of principle. (or money!). You can use it about yourself:私が怒ってる!
(いきどおり) Moral outrage – at corruption, murder, etc. It doesn’t have to be expressed by yelling, though.   NP
(ふんがい) This is a word for indignation which you use about other people to sort of invalidate their indignation:like some guy that talked for an hour about what a jerk his ex-girlfriend was, and wouldn’t shut up about it.
(うらむ) To nurse a long-standing, corrosive grudge against someone.
癇癪(かんしゃく) A total flip-out temper tantrum:she killed him in a fit of passion. In a fit of anger, he broke the statue and crashed the car into the dead whale.