abundant, abundance

(さかんな) Robust, active, overflowing with something-or-other:A flurry of applause, a fire vigorous enough to roast an ox, a flowering of culture.
(ゆたかな) Abundant – like a rainforest abundant in life or a country’s abundant natural resources. You can also use it for a person – he has a lot of education or a wealth of wisdom. (but not used for actual dollars – in that case you’d use 裕福) 豊富; ほうふ: Pretty much the same exact meaning as 豊かな, but the kanji for ‘wealthy’ (富) makes ほうふ a bit more complimentary. More like ‘rich in calcium’ than ‘calcium is abundant’.   $$$
える(さかえる) To flourish or become prosperous – almost always used to describe civilizations or countries (i.e. the Roman Empire was flourishing in 1000 BC).
(ゆうふくな) Abundant in dollars. Rich.
(ゆたか) This is never used.